about_05About Vortex Technologies

Vortex Technologies is the only local OEM component supplier headquartered and with inventory in San Diego county. Our company is and has been a member of the San Diego and Northern Baja communities for just under three decades, employing experienced staff trained in supply chain management from the manufacturers’ perspective.

about_02Why Choose Us

When you choose to work with Vortex, you are choosing a company that offers cost-effective solutions, enabling you to reduce your overall supply chain costs. Our local inventory allows for same-day deliveries coupled with reduced shipping times and costs.

Vortex offers customizable product and services that eliminated many problems that plague manufacturers – products and services such as kitting, assembly, and more. Our friendly and helpful customer service team can facilitate better communication by providing assistance in English, Spanish or Chinese.

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Vortex Staff

Jim Kalb, Founder and President

Jim is a long-time member of the San Diego electronics community.  He moved from Northern California in 1979 to attend San Diego State University studying electronic engineering.  After graduation, he began work as a local sales engineer for Bussmann Fuses.  After 8 years, he discovered how poorly the local manufacturing base was being served and began Vortex Technologies in 1991 to better serve the community.  In January, Vortex Technologies celebrated its 25th year outlasting many companies who have come and left.  The key to Vortex’s success can be found in its strong relationships with its customers and its long-time team members.

Lourdes Acuña, Operations Manager

Vortex Technologies in 1996 after a decade in supply-chain management with Liebert Emerson in Mexicali.  Lourdes brings a perspective from the manufacturer point-of-view enabling Vortex to emphasize with the problems and needs of the OEM manufacturer.  As a native Spanish speaker, she has helped to improve communications with customers spanning both sides of the border.

Rey Acuña, Field Sales Manager

Since joining the company in 2006, Rey has been an integral part of the Vortex team. His passion is to help customers solve problems has resulted in many successful new ideas saving his customers millions of dollars. Rey was originally from Mexicali but relocated to San Diego to join the Vortex team.