Vortex Value-Added Services

Vortex Technologies offers value-added services such as kitting, assembly, and custom marking, which helps our customers to eliminate unnecessary labor expenses, manufacturing time, and other costs. These value-added services are aimed at reducing overall supply-chain costs.



  • Our value-added kitting service includes the procuring all parts needed to complete an assembly and then delivering those parts to a customer as a complete kit.


  • Our value-added packaging service is the process of repackaging bulk products to meet the customers’ individual needs, be it in small user packs or retail packaging.

Custom Labels

  • Our value-added labeling service is a complete printing and labeling solution, available with any combination of stock, preprinting, ribbons, and/or printers. Labels are cut to the exact specifications using a variety of stock materials including paper, polyester and polypropylene materials. Labels can be pre-printed in five color and/or laminated.

Why Choose Us

When you choose to work with Vortex, you are choosing a company that offers cost-effective solutions, enabling you to reduce your overall supply chain costs. Our local inventory allows for same-day deliveries coupled with reduced shipping times and costs.

Vortex offers customizable product and services that eliminated many problems that plague manufacturers – products and services such as kitting, assembly, and more. Our friendly and helpful customer service team can facilitate better communication by providing assistance in English, Spanish or Chinese.

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